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Current cloud cover

Weather ahead

Note: Most NZ weather originates from systems to the west

Current Sun, Moon & planets

Current night sky chart

Satellites tonight

Note:  Enter "[ nearest town] , New Zealand" in the search box.

Southern Aurora prediction

Maori star names

The Southern Cross

How to tell the time using the Southern Cross.

Royal Astronomical Society of NZ - Education Group

A wide range of astronomy & space science resources.

Royal Astronomical Society of NZ - main site

NZ's primary organisation for the advancement of amateur and professional astronomy. 

Ngā Whetū Resources

Educational resources for astronomy and space science.


The shop run by astronomers for astronomers - telescopes, binoculars, astrophotography, cameras, and astronomy accessories.

SSA - Students' Space Association

For students passionate about the space industry and their place in its future.



See why New Zealand photographer Mark Gee loves the local night sky.

This page from Wanaka has some great advice for beginners to get the best astrophotography results.

A great selection of links for astrophotography.

Practical solutions to light pollution that YOU can implement.

Light pollution - excess light or light pointing upwards severely limits our ability to see the stars. As well as lobbying for better municipal lighting, individuals can make simple changes which will reduce light pollution in their own back yard. 


Want to build your own observatory?

Make the dream a reality by starting with Courtney McNally's article

'How To Build a Home Observatory in your Garden'